Question: Why is the clock in the picture different from the one on my device?

The clocks displayed in the example picture in the Theme Store are chosen by Samsung. They use the latest Galaxy phone’s clock to show off all new themes. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 had a long vertical clock, but if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S10 your clock will be displayed much smaller in the middle. Please do not give a negative review in the Theme Store as we have no control over how the clock will look on your device.

Question: Why does a theme not work properly with dark mode on, and when will it be updated to work?

Dark mode is a feature you can turn on that will change many areas to black including some app backgrounds. However, currently, all Samsung custom themes can use dark mode, but it will not display correctly. Samsung has decided to leave many areas as default when using dark mode with a custom theme. This may change in the future, but there is nothing we can do about it at this time. If you are having issues with dark mode not displaying a theme like shown in the pictures, pleas turn off dark mode. The theme will display just like the pictures in the Samsung Theme Store after that.

Question: Why does the Samsung Theme Store theme look different from the pictures shown on this website?

The pictures on this website are created specifically for this website and may be using older pictures of a theme. For example, themes made when the Galaxy S7 was the latest phone will display a different clock and layout than the current Samsung Galaxy device you may own. However, in the Theme Store if an update was made, it will now show a slightly different, and more current layout.

Question: My icons look slightly different from the ones displayed on this website?

Like the previous answer, the pictures on this site may have been created from an older version of the theme. The updated version in the Theme Store will always display the correct, and current icons.

Question: I updated my phone to the latest Android version, and now I’m having problems with a theme. Why?

Android updates sometimes change specific areas that will cause a theme to look slightly different than before. The theme should still look mostly the same as before, however. Also, certain themes were built before the current Android version and will need to be updated in order to work properly. You may notice colours, menus, etc that look off until then. This is because that specific theme needs to be updated by us to run on the latest Android version. Please contact us if you are using a theme and are having any problem with it, so we can fix it right away.

Question: I clicked a theme link and it says “not available” in the Theme Store. How can I buy the theme?

There is two possible reasons for this. One, you clicked on a “paid” theme and live in a country that doesn’t currently support paid themes. Samsung is constantly adding more countries to offer paid themes, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done until they do. Two, a theme may have been taken down by Samsung and waiting for a specific update to be released back into the Theme Store. This is a much rarer situation, and there is no guarantee when, or if the theme will return.

Question: I purchased a theme/wallpaper/icons etc and lost my data on my device. How can I download my previously purchased items without paying again.

All downloads, free or paid, are linked to you Samsung account. Simply sign into your Samsung account on your new device, go to the Theme Store, click the settings, select “more” and select “purchased”. You can then download anything previously bought.

Question: I just made a purchase, but it is telling me to buy it again?

If you have previously purchased an item and are being told to re-purchase it you need to contact Samsung. We do not handle any billing situation, but Samsung will help you out with whatever you need. All you have to do is contact them and they will confirm which item you are having trouble with and solve your issue. You can also visit this Samsung help site, select “Themes”, and contact them directly.

Question: I have a specific question and it isn’t answered here. How can I contact someone to answer it?

Send us a private message on Facebook, and we would be happy to answer whatever question you may have.